CL-AL-35% Aliphatic superplasticizer-SAF liquid(Sulfonated Acetone Formaldehyde Based Superplasticizer)

Short Description:

Aliphatic superplasticizer liquid is newest generation concrete is sulfonated acetone formaldehyde based superplasticizer,it is replacer for SNF superplasticizer especially in China market for its following features:

◆cheap price

◆high concrete performance

◆Wide range of concrete adaptability

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Technical Data Sheet

No. Inspection Items Unit Standard Value Test Results
1 Appearance /  brown  liquid brown liquid
2 Density g/m³ 1.15-1.2 1.2
4 Solid Content % 35±1 35±1
5 Alkali Content( Na2O+0.658K2O) % / 1.75
6 Chlorine Ion Content % / 0.03
8 1h After Fluidity of Cement Paste mm ≥220 250-260
9 Water Reducing Rate % 15-25 25
10 Atmospheric Pressure Bleeding Rate % ≤60 21
11 Air Content % ≤5.5 3
13 Slump Variation Retention 60min ≥80 200
14   Ratio of Compressive Strengh  7d ≥115 148
28d ≥110 133
15 Effect on Reinforcement Corrosion / No Corrosion No Corrosion 
16 Ratio of Shrinkage / ≤135 127
Tested by Shanlv P.O.42.5 standard portland cement, with the dosage  of 1.5% of CL-AL-35%


Firstly, find the best dosage through experiment.

Secondly, make them well-proportioned mix.

Thirdly, the concrete mixed with this project should be extended by adding 30S.

Finally, as the water reducing rate is larger, before initial setting time of concrete,the surface bleeds yellow pulp that is a normal phenomenon. Before the final setting of concrete or after the concrete on the strength, the color will disappear. With water conservation will be to make color fade faster, that do not affect the internal and surface properties of concrete.

Packaging: 200L/drum   1000L/IBC tank

Storageto be stored in its unopened original packaging,please store dry at usual ambient temperature and protect from excessive heat(below 40℃) 

Shelflife: 1year

Transport regulation: not handle with care to avoide breakage when moving,keep from excessive heat.this product is non-toxic,non-irritating,non-combustible. 

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