CL-SG-99 Sodium gluconate 99%(tech grade)

Short Description:

Sodium gluconate is suitable to apply in high temperature season,long distance transportation,pump concrete,also appropriate for mass concrete,self-leveling concrete and high strength high performance concrete,etc.

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Features and Benefits

Hign workability,no segregation,no water bleeding.

Improve the concrete breaking strength,tensile strength,elastic modulus and adhesiveness to the steel bar

Improve concrete durability performance,such as anti-seepage,anti-freezing and anti-carbonization.

Avoid cement initial hydration,extending cement and concrete setting and retarding time.

Non-Toxicity,non-infammable,non-corrosion to the steel bar.

Packaging25kgs/plastic woven bag   1000kgs/bag

StorageKeep in tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Protect against physical damage. Isolate from incompatible substances.


Transport regulationnot handle with care to avoide breakage when moving,keep from excessive heat.this product is non-toxic,non-irritating,non-combustible. 

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    Items Standard Value   Test Result
    Appearance White or Yellow powder White or Yellow powder
    Loss on Drying(%) ≤0.5 0.26
    Purity(%) 98.0-100.0 99.21
    Reducing Substances(%) ≤0.7 0.34
    Heavy Metal(Pb),ug/g ≤10 <10
    Sulfate % ≤0.05 <0.05
    Chloride % ≤0.07 <0.07
    Lead ug/g ≤2 <2
    Arsenic ug/g ≤2 <2
    PH Value 6-7.5 6.8