One of our customer asked me:’how is your production going?is it still good?

that makes me realize that China Environmental protection already has a huge impact on chemical product like concrete admixture in China.

Let me introduce for you from the beginning.

As we all know,China develop very quickly these years,meanwhile,environment problem getting more and more serious.for concrete admixture,like sodium naphthalene formaldehyde,polycarboxylate superplasticizer,etc and their raw material production lead to lots water and air polution.

As second generation concrete admixture,sodium naphthalene formaldehyde,for its raw material,there are industrial grade naphthalene and formaldehyde.besides,during production,there are lots of pungent smell and dust particle.

As latest generation concrete admixture,polycarboxylate superplasticizer,there is always a strange smell around polycarboxylate superplasticizer plant.

China goverment begin to realize this is not a proper way for economic development.they begin set up environmental supervision group to solve the polution problem.

As one of the heavy polution industries,lots of concrete admixture related manufacturing plant without business license or without proper way proper way control polution were forced  to shut down.

this lead to price for concrete admixture increase quickly.some concrete admixture factory have orders,but there are not enough raw material for production.

At last,to confirm you,yes,our production is regular for concrete admixture.

Post time: Sep-09-2020