Superplasticizer refers to the condition that keeps the slump of concrete basically the same,

Admixtures that can greatly reduce the amount of water used in mixing. The High Performance Water Reducer is a new concept proposed after the concept of high performance concrete. At present, it has not been defined clearly. It generally refers to concrete admixtures with high water reduction rate and slump retention performance that have air induction. However, from the understanding and application of polycarboxylic acid and other carboxylic acid superplasticizers in the international concrete field in recent years, this kind of superplasticizer also has the following characteristics.

(1) Low content and high water reduction rate (the content is usually 0.05%-0.5% of the binder content, and the water reduction rate can reach 35%-50%, or even higher);

(2) No segregation, no bleeding, the performance of keeping the concrete slump is better, can do within 120min basically no loss;

(3) can prepare super high strength and super durability concrete;

(4) Good compatibility with cement, admixture and other admixtures;

(5) It can effectively reduce the early adiabatic temperature rise of concrete, which is more favorable for mass concrete; (6) Greater freedom in molecular structure, greater potential to achieve high performance of water reducing agent;

(7) Because the synthesis does not use formaldehyde and other environmentally polluting substances, it is beneficial to the sustainable development of the construction industry; (8) It provides technical guarantee for promoting the use of industrial wastes such as fly ash, slag and steel slag.

It can be seen that polycarboxylic acid series of high performance superplasticizer has to meet the 21st century concrete ultra high performance requirements.

Post time: Dec-02-2022