Concrete admixture is chemical substance that is added in the process of mixing concrete, accounting for less than 5% of the cement, and can significantly improve the performance of concrete. The characteristics of concrete admixtures are many varieties and small dosage, which have a great influence on the performance of concrete, and have the characteristics of less investment, quick effect, and significant technical and economic benefits. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, admixtures have been used more and more, and admixtures have become the fifth important component of concrete in addition to the four basic components.

Admixtures can improve the anti-carbonation performance of concrete to a certain extent. There is a certain linear relationship between the carbonation depth and porosity of concrete. Admixtures have a great influence on the frost resistance of concrete. It has good performance, but the single addition of early strength agent has no effect on the frost resistance of concrete.

Based on concrete admixtures function, it can be divided as the following:
1) Chemical admixtures to improve the rheological properties of concrete mixtures. Including various water reducing agents, air entraining agents and pumping agents, etc.
(2) Chemical admixtures that adjust the setting time and hardening properties of concrete. Including retarders, early strength agents and accelerators.
(3) Chemical admixtures to improve the durability of concrete. Including air-entraining agent, antifreeze agent, waterproof agent and rust inhibitor, etc.
(4) Chemical admixtures to improve other properties of concrete. Including air-entraining agents, expanding agents, coloring agents, etc.

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Post time: Sep-27-2022