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CL-SNF-18 is a naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensation compound, easily soluble in water, stable physical and chemical performance, high efficiency, high performance water reducing agent. Has the characteristics of high dispersibility, low foaming ability, high water reducing rate, high early strength, enhance is  the adaptability of cement. Added this product greatly increase concrete liquidity, improve the slump, improve the workability and application properties.

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Detection project

Performance index Measured value

Water reducing ratio %



Bleeding rate ratio %



Gas content %



The gap of condense time (min)

Initial condense



Final condense

Ratio of compressive strength %













Ratio of shrinkage rate %



Corrosion effect for steel



Uniformity index

Detection project

snf Powder Index(SNF-C)

Solid content (%)


Fitness (%)

0.315mm (residue)<10

PH value(10g/L)


Chlorine ion content(%)


Sodium sulfate content(%)


Total alkali content(%)


Insoluble matter(%)


Cement net fluidity(mm)



Yellowish-brown powder

Application and dosage

Widely used in concrete engineering, prefabricated, sleeper, bridges, tunnels, national defense, military engineering, water conservancy, power engineering, port terminals, airport runway, high-rise building engineering.

Dosage: 0.5%-1.5%, the user should according to the need to experiment to determine the optimal dosage.

Features and Benefits

Remarkable Plasticity: Statistically, compression strength on the 1stday, the 3rd day and 28th day after single application is increased by 60%-90% and 25%-60% respectively when it is added at standard blend dosage. As the result, compression strength, tensile strength, buckling strength and modulus of elasticity will be improved to some extent.

Under the condition of same water/cement ratio, collapsibility can be increased 5-8 times when it is added at 0.75% blend dosage.

15-20% of cement can be reserved when the agent is blended at 0.75% blend dosage, which is preconditioned by same collapsibility and strength.

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