CL-DA is defoaming agent

Short Description:

CL-DA is defoaming agent. Main ingredients are organic silicon and polyether. It is mainly used to eliminate the big bubbles in concrete and prevent concrete hardening after internal and surface pore structure, improve the strength of concrete. Concrete defoaming agent mainly have two aspects, on the one hand, inhibit the generation of air bubbles in concrete, on the one hand make bubbles in the air bubbles overflow.

Product Detail

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Translucent oily liquid


Grey white

PH value


Moisture Content(%)


Defoaming effect(s)


Inhibition of bubble performance(min)


Application and Dosage

Defoaming agent is mainly used for production of cement mortar, concrete water reducing agent, concrete, asbestos tile, calcium silicate board, putty powder, pulp, such as strengthening agent defoaming in the process of production.

Dosage: 0.1% ~ 0.8%, the final amount according to the practical experiment.

Features and Benefits

1. Good dispersibility, defoaming in cement slurry system quickly.

2. Less dosage, high efficiency.

3. In order to effectively control the cement slurry system inside the bubble, make a concrete member more dense.

4. This product is non-toxic, no smell, is conducive to the production safety.

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