CL-AEA air entraining agent

Short Description:

CL-AEA is Air Entraining Agent, main ingredient is rosin, white powder, good solubility in water. In concrete mixing process, CL-AEA introduce air into concrete, forming a large number of small, closed and stable bubbles, improve concrete slump, liquidity and plasticity.

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White or light yellow powder, non-caking

Active matter(%)


Petroleum ether soluble(%)


Inorganic salt(%)


Moisture Content(%)


PH value


Application and Dosage

Used for concrete road and bridge, high workability of concrete engineering, pumping concrete, used for high durability of concrete structures, dam, highway, thermal power plant cooling tower, water hydraulic, port, etc.

Dosage: 0.01%~0.03%, the final amount according to the practical experiment.

Features and Benefits

Improve the concrete slump, liquidity and plasticity.

Reduce the bleeding and segregation of concrete, improve the uniformity of concrete.

1. Improve the flexural strength of concrete, when the air content is 3% to 5%, the flexural strength increased by 10% – 20%.

2. Mixed air entraining agent with low elastic modulus, small rigidity, good flexibility.

3. The thermal diffusion and transmission coefficient of concrete is reduced, enhance the volume stability of concrete, to enhance the field of weatherproof, prolong the service life of concrete road.

4. Greatly improves the concrete frost resistance, salt resistance, permeability resistance, sulfate attack resistance and resistance of response performance.

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